Mitt Romney on China's true nature

Writing in the Washington Post today:

When a predator, unbound by the rules followed by its competitors, is allowed to operate in a free market, that market is no longer truly free.

Here’s a perfect illustration of that sentence. It looks like Parliament may (justifiably) reject Boris Johnson’s plan to allow Huawei to roll out 5G in the UK. The Chinese response?

“We hope the U.K. side can uphold principles of freedom and openness, maintain policy independence and provide Chinese companies with an open, fair and nondiscriminatory business environment,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing in Beijing on Friday. “This will help Chinese companies maintain confidence in the U.K. market.”

It’s a threat, almost sarcastically wrapped in the language of liberalism. I hope Parliament doesn’t stand for it. As for Romney, what he proposes is basically TPP, which we well may get in a Biden (or even a second Trump) administration.