How is Sweden’s laissez faire pandemic response working out?

Not good according to Paulina Neuding and Tino Sanandaji:

There are indications that Sweden is experiencing a higher death toll than its neighbors. While the Scandinavian countries reported their first fatalities at roughly the same time, Sweden as of April 8 had 687 fatalities, Denmark 218 and Norway 93. In per capita terms, Sweden is faring clearly worse than Norway and increasingly worse than Denmark.

And they don’t seem to have avoided the economic hit, either.

According to official Swedish estimates, Sweden’s GDP is expected to contract by 3.4 percent this year, which is better than the 5.5 percent decline projected in a euro zone dragged down by Italy and Spain, but worse than the 2.9 percent decline prognosticated for the United States.

We should thank the Swedes for this natural experiment when the inevitable recriminations about the lockdowns start here in the U.S.