Podcast with Lawrence H. White on CBDCs, stablecoins, and more

The Coin Center team recently started a new podcast called Tangents on which we take turns talking to folks we find interesting about topics that are tangential to cryptocurrency, our bread and butter. Like many others in quarantine, we figured podcasting would be a good outlet for our pent-up thinking. The first episode featured Peter talking to the guys from Start9 Labs.

In the second episode, released today, I talk to monetary economist Lawrence H. White, professor at George Mason. We discussed central bank digital currencies, and how they could and should be designed. Topics covered: Is tiered anonymity acceptable and can it be built? Can privacy be reconciled with sanctions power? Would a larger Fed balance sheet politicize it? What are the prospects for continued dollar dominance? What about stablecoins? And what’s Bitcoin’s core value?

Check it out, and you can subscribe to the podcast feed here and there’s video on YouTube.